Design. Develop. Deliver.

Flexacution is a unique operating model proprietary to Flexan. It is a distinctive operational framework that fuses quality, design, and engineering processes between Flexan and its medical device manufacturing customers to promote innovative solutions that support best practices in product development and manufacturing productivity.

Flexacution epitomizes the benefits of true collaboration that can occur between a supplier and a customer when traditional boundaries are redefined to enable world-class solutions for your custom manufactured components and devices.

Our unique Flexacution process:

  • Design

    We engage at the earliest stages of product development to help medical device OEMs explore the limits of manufacturing possibilities in their efforts to design market-leading products. With the benefit of our expertise in manufacturing more than 2,400 custom products annually, we help our customers accelerate their time-to-market with critical input from concept to design for manufacturability.

  • Develop

    We know that truly great ideas require more than just a proof of concept. They require real manufacturing solutions. In the development phase, our project engineers lead cross-functional teams through a disciplined project plan, ensuring accountability and timely results. Each product we produce follows strict requirements as outlined in the master validation plans, ensuring that quality requirements are achieved though proven manufacturing controls before products can be transferred to production status.

  • Deliver

    With evidence that we can repeatably achieve rigorous quality requirements through tight manufacturing controls, we deploy lean manufacturing principles to balance the fluctuating demand requirements in your market with an emphasis on OTIF (on-time, in full) to maintain an efficient and sustainable pipeline of product within your supply chain. We also continue to explore opportunities for improvement through our sustaining engineering teams, supporting your goals in the full product life-cycle management with our commitment to continuous improvement.