Medical Tubing/Extrusion

Expertise-Driven Solutions

When you have high-quality extrusion tubing requirements, Flexan understands your high-performance expectations. From simple ID/OD tubing to multi-lumen extrusion with tight tolerances, we are well-positioned to handle it all because of our expertise.

Silicone Extrusion

We specialize in custom profiles and complex geometries, allowing us to meet a wide range of needs by delivering tight-tolerance silicone medical extrusions for medical devices such as cuffs, vascular loops, catheter main-shafts, drainage and feeding tubes and more.

Thermoplastic Extrusion

At Flexan, we produce thermoplastic extrusions designed to meet the most precise specifications. We work closely with our clients to design, develop and deliver extrusions vital to several advanced medical procedures, including coronary, peripheral and neurovascular applications.

Our Silicone & Thermoplastic Extrusion Capabilities include:

  • Single-lumen

    The most common extrusion, a single lumen tube consists of a single lumen tube consists of a single channel that can vary in size, shape, material and dimension. At Flexan, we offer a full range of ID/OD configurations in a range of diameters.

  • Multi-lumen

    Flexan supplies an array of dual and triple lumen extrusions in straight and bump configurations, including standard profiles such as double D, Y, double bore, bi-lumen, circle in a circle and tri-lumen. Our thermoplastic extrusion ranges 2-5 lumens.

  • Micro-lumen

    Our micro-lumen extrusion capabilities incorporate a variety of materials defined by a range of characteristics, including high chemical resistance, bending stiffness, UV stability, physiological compatibility and sterilizability. The products resulting are applied in micro-fluidics, pediatrics and micro-analytics.

  • Multi-layer

    Using two materials that are chemically compatible in order to prevent the tubing from delaminating, our engineers manufacture coextrusion tubing with multiple layers. A third layer is introduced when tubing requires incompatible inner and outer layers.

  • Co-extrusion

    In this process, plastic melts with like or unlike properties, making it possible to create layered structures involving layers with differing material properties. Co-extrusion is used to manufacture combinations with special mechanical, optical or barrier properties.

  • Radiopacity (full or striped)

    Certain devices inserted into the body for diagnostic or interventional procedures require an opacity that renders them visible under fluoroscopy or x-ray imaging. We have the technical precision that allows us to affect contrast and sharpness and tailor parts to the specific application of the device.

  • Profile Extrusion

    Extruding different geometries in one process eliminates assembled joints that may be weak or create internal misalignments where fluids can become turbulent or stagnate, reducing labor costs and improving overall product quality.

  • Tipping

    We incorporate an efficient tipping platform that allows us to maximize our process in producing longer lasting tipping that is used to aid in the insertion and guidance of devices such as catheters and introducers.

  • Transitional

    Transitional extrusions are a specialized process that varies the ratio of materials relative to each other over the length of the extrusion and is typically used when different properties at the distal and proximal end of a tube are desired.

  • Bump

    These common extrusions are incorporated when different functionality is required at the proximal and distal end of a device. When combined with multilayer and multi-lumen technologies, we can offer a number of configurations of limitless potential.

  • Balloon

    We extrude high-quality and highly concentric tubing that meets specific dimensional and cosmetic requirements, controlling each step in the manufacturing of high-yield balloon tubing.

  • Extrusion Over Wire

    Silicone extrusion over wire helps electrical equipment perform better in demanding applications and allows for safe and reliable operation. Additionally, it maximizes the integrity and resilience of the end product.

  • Multiple Shapes

    Our thermoplastic extrusion processes provide for the capability of rendering extrusions in a variety of shapes, including round, elliptical, stars and crescents.

  • Braiding

    Our braiding capabilities are typically used for products that require high torque, push-ability, kink resistance, and steer-ability through tortuous paths in the vascular system.

Our robust quality system and state-of-the-art equipment ensure the highest quality, while our closed-loop control system allows for in-line statistical process control (SPC) and efficient processing.