DFM/Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability

From the very start of product ideation, we help medical device manufacturers who are looking to launch a new product with design for manufacturability collaboration for their silicone and thermoplastic components or devices. Our vast experience in processing, tooling and medical device manufacturing partnered with product/design experience will ensure compliance to your requirements, reducing the overall time to product launch.

Engineering and Process Design

From new product development to manufacturing support, our talented engineering staff ensures that processes developed will be optimized for tooling, material processing, supply chain efficiency and lifecycle management. Whenever necessary we utilize the design of experiments methodology (DOE) in order to optimize the manufacturing process. The work upfront will ensure that from prototype, validation and launch to full production, your product will be successful.

Project Management

Recognizing all projects require the same basic controls and management techniques, we take a disciplined approach to project management, allowing us to achieve your desired outcomes on time and on budget. Our project managers ensure all stakeholders and team members communicate regularly to keep projects on time and on budget.