Flexan is a Global Contract Manufacturer and Assembler

Specializing in Custom, High-precision Silicone, Rubber, and Thermoplastic Components and Devices

Flexan was founded in 1946 by the Lilleberg brothers in response to a request from Sears Roebuck & Co. to make improvements to the circular sanding tool. The request came to the Lillelberg’s to develop a rubber pad that needed to be molded over the metal sanding pad, thus the Sears “flexible” sander was invented and Flexan was founded.   Fortunately, this original business model has remained in our company’s DNA ever since that day. We provide trusted manufacturing solutions for custom designed components and devices, enabling our global customer base to develop innovative products to transform the markets they serve.  The Flexan brand is synonymous with custom molding and expertise with molding difficult geometries, with bonding rubber to metal and other substrates, and delivering high-precision, niche parts to a range of industries.

We Offer Contract Manufacturing Services for a Broad Array of Products

At Flexan, we offer contract manufacturing services for a broad array of products including: medical devices, hearing technology devices, miniature pneumatics, industrial controls, aerospace and defense industries.  Our manufacturing footprint consists of 4 locations:  Lincolnshire, IL, Chicago IL, Salt Lake City UT and Suzhou China.  We manufacture over 120M parts across 1,700 SKUs each year.  For our medical customers, we operate in certified and accredited cleanroom manufacturing facilities.  Our competencies focus on the design, development and manufacturing of individual components or fully/sub-assembled devices in silicone or thermoplastic materials.  We offer a wide-variety of molding and extrusion capabilities utilizing rubber, silicone and thermoplastic materials.

Flexan has Over 70 Years of Custom Contract Manufacturing Experience

Flexan is owned by Linden Capital Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm focused exclusively on investment in the health care and life sciences industries.