About Flexan

A Global Contract Manufacturer and Assembler

At Flexan, we offer contract manufacturing services for a broad array of products. Many of our operations take place in certified and accredited cleanroom manufacturing facilities. We offer a wide variety of molding and extrusion capabilities utilizing rubber, silicone and thermoplastic materials.


Our unique Flexacution model is designed to ensure quality and engineering come together in a synergistic way to drive a higher level of quality in our manufacturing process.


Flexan was founded in 1946 by the Lilleberg brothers in response to a request from Sears Roebuck & Co. to develop a rubber pad that needed to be molded over a metal sanding pad, thus the Sears “flexible” sander was invented and Flexan was founded.

Meet Our Team

Our people and our technologies will deliver differentiated levels of performance, ensuring our global customers can depend on our commitment to quality and results throughout their full product life-cycle, while enabling us to achieve above market growth among leading contract manufacturing companies in the markets we serve.

Career Opportunities

We offer opportunities to work in an ultra-clean manufacturing environment, with opportunities to advance in engineering, production, inspection, logistics, customer service and more.


We provide trusted manufacturing solutions for custom designed components and devices, enabling our global customer base to develop innovative products to transform the markets they serve.