Our Markets

Flexan is a global leader in custom medical device manufacturing, with over seven decades of unparalleled expertise in molding, extrusion, assembly, and packaging solutions. Committed to excellence and innovation, Flexan offers medical device companies the precision, quality, and regulatory compliance necessary to succeed in a competitive market. Flexan’s tailored services, which are deeply rooted in silicone, rubber, and thermoplastic polymers, benefit healthcare technology firms worldwide by ensuring the development and delivery of top-tier, compliant products that meet the highest industry standards. For more information about Flexan, visit www.flexan.com.

Our Facilities

With five global locations spanning Salt Lake City, Utah, to Suzhou, China, Flexan has a wide range of ISO 13485-certified Cleanroom facilities, each devoted to meeting the unique custom manufacturing needs of our medical device clients. Capabilities include Class I, Class II, and Class III custom medical device manufacturing.

Meet Our Team

The strength of Flexan is embodied in the talent and work ethic of our dynamic team. We are fortunate to enjoy the contributions of a diverse and engaging group of individuals who approach their work with the gravity it deserves.


Our unique Flexacution model is designed to ensure quality and engineering come together in a synergistic way to drive a higher level of quality in our manufacturing process.

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